The Tricky Question of Immigration


I love when reporters have a back and forth in opinion columns, which is why the response to an article on CNN about how the term ‘illegal immigrant’ is a racial slur is of particular interest to me.

The response, obviously, says that no the term is not racist, which I agree with. I think immigrants get called a lot worse by the Americans who do not want them here than ‘illegal immigrant.’

Because when it comes down to it, the issue is over their legal status here in the United States. Do they have a valid visa? Do they have a valid social security card? Green card? No. The second question is does that make them the most deplorable people in this country? A resounding NO to that question too. We are the land of greedy bankers after all.

I think the main problem that people have with illegal immigrants is that people feel they make a mockery of the legal immigration system. One thing I feel is constantly present in every article about immigration is the fact that there are so many people waiting to get into this country legally. That is mentioned in every article. Why can’t those people that came over illegally wait and come legally?

What people forget is that immigrants would not be immigrants if they could control the situations that made them leave their country. For those that live on the border, can they control the cartel violence? No. For those leaving because of the economy, can they control that? No. Wouldn’t you think they would rather be in their home country rather than move to a place where they do not feel comfortable and do not speak the language?

So, yes they are illegal immigrants, but they are good people who came to this country fleeing situations completely out of their control. Think of all the Americans who threatened to move to Canada when the Supreme Court ruled Obamacare legal or when George W. Bush got elected? Except as Americans we wouldn’t have to walk through forested Canadian terrain at night jumping fences watching out for the Canadian equivalent of Minutemen. We could have gotten into Canada legally and then just overstayed the tourist visa, but we wouldn’t see ourselves as illegals. No, we would see ourselves escaping something beyond our control. We would want the Canadian government to protect us. How come we are angry when someone expects that from us?


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