The Solution to the Jobs Crisis

The unemployment problem in the United States is twofold. Part of the problem lies in that companies aren’t creating or are getting rid of jobs typically filled by graduates with bachelor’s degrees in the liberal arts. Another component is that there are a lot of jobs in the U.S. that cannot be filled because people are not adequately trained to fill the positions. 

It used to be that a college degree meant that the person was capable of learning, and therefore, that person could be hired to fill a variety of positions, because the company would put the effort in training them to become good at their jobs. Recently, there has been a huge shift from that mentality to one that requires people to come in already trained. Therefore, internships are very crucial in obtaining a good job. The problem with this new trend lies in in that most internships do not pay. That means only people who can afford to not make any money can take on these internships or people who do need to make money end up sacrificing their time and effort in hoping the internship will lead to a good job. Internships aren’t fool proof, but people need to work.

A solution that will help end the constant shortage of both jobs and job candidates is based off the work-study program the US government provides to low-income college students to enable them to earn money by providing a stipend the student must then earn by working at their university. The government needs to subsidize these companies that have jobs that they cannot fill due to lack of qualified candidates. The government provides a stipend for the training period for the candidate that the company pays out in several installments (a.k.a. paychecks). The government takes out taxes, people have spending money, people are getting trained for highly-skilled jobs, people are working, and companies are becoming more productive working with a full-staff. It’s not unemployment. It’s not free money. It doesn’t need to be in place forever. It’s what this country needs to get out of this recession.

Read about other laws put in place to help out job seekers. 


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